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a)    Lower constructions of machine tools

Weldments are used as a substitute for traditional cast substructures of machine tools in the case of smaller repeatability of the components, faster delivery (4-6 weeks) and lower weight.

The weldment is optimal in cases when the designer takes into account the weldment properties while designing the machine and he can use them to lighten and accelerate the entire kinematic system of the machine tool.

Use of the weldment as a replacement of the casting is appropriate in the case of repairs or modifications of the dimensions during machine tools overhauls.

  • Lower constructions of high-precision grinding machines, horizontal boring machines, one-purpose machines and special machines
  • Using standard, usually thick-walled sheets and profiles
  • Often integrated oil tanks
  • Annealing or vibration for inner stress relieving
  • Surface treatment, usually without a final grinding
  • Usually blasting and only a prime coat
  • Deliveries just in time for the final assembly, or for the final mechanical processing

b) Bearing structures of machinery and equipment

  • Complex bearing structures of various machines, structures, etc.
  • Piece production, repeated and small-series production
  • Use of standard, usually thick-walled sheets and profiles
  • Assembly of the space consuming and circular parts
  • Annealing for inner stress relieving on demand
  • The final processing
  • Pre-assembly of components, such as guiding, bearings, hydraulic blocks, etc. on demand
  • Visual appearance of the product is usually an important parameter
  • Surface treatment prior to final varnish or with the final varnish
  • Deliveries just in time for assembly line