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Turning table

Outstanding features of turning tables from Strojírny Prostějov, a.s. are high stiffness, accuracy and they are manufactured in high variety of diameters and efficiency series.



  • as auxiliary tables to already manufactured machines like plate horizontal boring machines, milling machines and last but not least portal milling machines
  • as auxiliary built-in axis for newly manufactured machines, replacement of worn out tables with their upgrade, by which utility characteristics are increased


Continuously controlled turning tables are designed for operations:

  • turning of general surfaces
  • turning of conical surfaces
  • turning of threads
  • axial boring, milling
  • oriented stop of a clamping plate – positioning
  • full-valued fully controlled “C” axis.


Turning tables are manufactured and delivered:

  • standardized, corresponding to the catalogue version or
  • manufactured to order in compliance with customer needs

Thanks to possibility to design and produce a turning table complying to customer needs, we offer to our clients an option to get a table, which will meet specific demands laid on them.


Within the range of table design, we offer to our clients the choice of:

  • a drive type and output: asynchronous / synchronous
  • a cooling method: air / water
  • a diameter and a bearing capacity of the clamping plate
  • a way of table covering
  • additional equipment of extension arms. Components of worldwide manufacturers Siemens, Heidenhain, SKF, PSL, Hytec etc. were
  • used with production and design of turning tables.



  • top-quality technical performance gained due to cooperation with the best professionals in the area of design of turning tables
  • quality based on long-time experience of SP owners in the area of machine tools
  • solutions that will fully meet your needs
  • a reliable partner for your following development