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Turning table

The Turning table technology originally developed at Strojírny Prostějov was sold in 2022 to the partner company Strojírna Tyc, s.r.o. Strojírna Tyc. s.r.o. ( We continue to cooperate in the production of key components of the device.

Outstanding features of turning tables are high stiffness, accuracy and they are manufactured in high variety of diameters and efficiency series.



  • as auxiliary tables to already manufactured machines like plate horizontal boring machines, milling machines and last but not least portal milling machines
  • as auxiliary built-in axis for newly manufactured machines, replacement of worn out tables with their upgrade, by which utility characteristics are increased


Continuously controlled turning tables are designed for operations:

  • turning of general surfaces
  • turning of conical surfaces
  • turning of threads
  • axial boring, milling
  • oriented stop of a clamping plate – positioning
  • full-valued fully controlled “C” axis.


Turning tables are manufactured and delivered:

  • standardized, corresponding to the catalogue version or
  • manufactured to order in compliance with customer needs

Thanks to possibility to design and produce a turning table complying to customer needs, we offer to our clients an option to get a table, which will meet specific demands laid on them.


Within the range of table design, we offer to our clients the choice of:

  • a drive type and output: asynchronous / synchronous
  • a cooling method: air / water
  • a diameter and a bearing capacity of the clamping plate
  • a way of table covering
  • additional equipment of extension arms. Components of worldwide manufacturers Siemens, Heidenhain, SKF, PSL, Hytec etc. were
  • used with production and design of turning tables.



  • top-quality technical performance gained due to cooperation with the best professionals in the area of design of turning tables
  • quality based on long-time experience of SP owners in the area of machine tools
  • solutions that will fully meet your needs
  • a reliable partner for your following development